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Distant Oaks

Against the Tide (CD - 1999)

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Against the Tide
  1. The Mist Covered Mountain/Johnny McGrevey's (3:02)
  2. Dh'fhalbhainn Sgiobalta/Gwyn's Frolics (3:49)
  3. The Cottage In The Grove/Paddy Taylor's (2:36)
  4. Willie Macintosh (2:26)
  5. The Judge's Dilemma (3:21)
  6. Mo Bhuachaillín Ceanasach/Tom Billy's Jig (4:39)
  7. 'S Ann An Ìle/Louden's Bonnie Woods And Braes/The Glen Where The DeerIs/Tail Toddle/Dick Gossip's Reel (5:38)
  8. The Thornton Jig/Nead Na Lachan (2:40)
  9. The Lass Of Roch Royal (3:31)
  10. The Lark In The Morning (3:25)
  11. 'Sí Do Mhamó Í/The Cliffs Of Moher (2:38)
  12. Òran Na Maighdinn-Mhara (4:12)
  13. Théid Mi'n Ceann Loch Àluinn/Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearadh/The Smith ofChilliechassie (3:48)
  14. Mórag Á Dùn-Bheagain (4:12)

CD available for purchase from and CD Baby. Also available for instant download at online stores such as iTunes.

Exquisitely beautiful Irish and Sottish songs and dance tunes performed by world-class artist Distant Oaks, featuring Gaelic vocals, guitar, citole, dulcimer, recorders, whistles, smallpipes, Celtic harp, Scottish step-dancing & more.

Distant Oaks was an award-winning ensemble specializing in dynamic, historically informed performances of traditional Gaelic and early European music. Rich, expressive singing in a variety of languages, combined with virtuosic, skillfully arranged ensemble playing on a broad array of period and traditional instruments, defined Distant Oaks' musical style. Their warm, intimate performances appealed to both the intellect and the emotions and proved to delight a diverse range of listeners.

In addition to their strong dedication to Gaelic music, language, and culture, as well as authentic traditional and Early Music performance practices, Distant Oaks was also actively engaged in composing new music in older styles. In the spirit of fine music-making and respect for tradition, Distant Oaks brought a brilliant panoply of music to their audiences.

Distant Oaks had the pleasure of performing and recording with such fine traditional musicians as Jerry O'Sullivan, Liz Carroll, Patrick Ball, Shay Black, and Paul Kotapish (Open House), as well as such Early Music luminaries as David Douglass (The King's Noyse, The Newberry Consort), Julie Jeffrey (Sex Chordae of Viols), Cheryl Ann Fulton (Ensemble Alcatraz), Shira Kammen (Ensemble Alcatraz, Fortune's Wheel), and Peter Maund (Ensemble Alcatraz, Skyedance).

Distant Oaks' line-up was comprised of the late Deborah L. White (founder, director, as well as vocals, guitar, citole, cittern), Jared C. White (recorders, bagpipes, whistles), Shayne T. White (harp, stepdancing), and Julie Jeffrey (viola ad gamba). The group dissolved in 2006 following Mrs. White's untimely death from cancer.

"Against the Tide is, hands-down, Distant Oaks' best CD. They've achieved an overall feeling of both the ethereal and joyful - and that is not an easy combination. I just keep hitting the Repeat button on my CD player." - Douglas MacGowan, author of Murder in Victorian Scotland

"Close your eyes, and you could be sitting in a céilidh house. The artwork and packaging are every bit as good as the music and singing." - Daibhidh Ealaghoil, Web developer and software engineer, Isle of Skye, Scotland

"Deborah White, along with sons Jared and Shayne, are proof positive that musical talent does run in some families. Training in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music makes their playing impeccable, their passion for Celtic tradition makes it irresistible." - Celli Tiemann/Borders Books and Music

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