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Curve (CD - 2010)

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  1. Soundcheck (1:41)
  2. Blood Type ABC (6:04)
  3. Details (1:40)  Watch the Video!
  4. On the Blazing Edge (5:23)
  5. Hot Asphalt Part 1 (5:38)
  6. Hot Asphalt Part 2 (4:28)
  7. Flutterbudget (5:39)
  8. Come With Me (2:49)  Watch the Video!
  9. Mane in the Wind (7:27)
  10. Cheerful Interlude (2:53)  Watch the Video!
  11. Cirrus in Blue (5:13)  Watch the Video!
  12. Dubious Dan (The Unheard Of Remix) (7:40)

Album available NOW at CD Baby, iTunes, BandCamp, and

Get ready to dance! Formerly known as Mr. White, ShaYne's third album is filled with beats, rhythm, punch, and emotion. A new direction for the artist in many ways, this release features vocals for the first time as well as analog synthesizers on every track. There are five songs, six instrumental tracks, and, well, track 1 is somewhere in between. Eight tracks are full-on dance pieces and four are "fillers." Get your groove on and blast out your speakers!

Equipment used:

You can also learn more about Mr. White on his MySpace page.

Free bonus tracks available! Check out Mane in the Wind (2002 version), Cirrus in Blue (2002 version), and Hot Asphalt Part 2 (2003 version).

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