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On Hood Mountain The Fireplace Coastal Douglas Fir The Hero
On Hood Mountain (2015)
The Fireplace (EP - 2015)
Coastal Douglas Fir (EP - 2014) The Hero (2013)
The Painter's Brush Dance Trilogy Curve Pincushion Flower
The Painter's Brush (2012) Dance Trilogy (EP - 2011) Curve (CD - 2010) Pincushion Flower (EP - 2010)
Gem Stars The Opposite Way
Gem Stars (CD - 2009) The Opposite Way (CD - 2003)

Binary Sea

Land Ho Compass
Land Ho! (EP - 2010) Compass (CD - 2008)

Distant Oaks

Carmina Gadelica Against the Tide Three Streams Empty Your Heart of its Mortal Dream
Gach Là agus Oidhche: Music of Carmina Gadelica (CD - 2003) Against the Tide (CD - 1999) Three Streams (Book - 1998) Empty Your Heart of its Mortal Dream (CD - 1996)
Dance to Bright Steel
Dance to Bright Steel (CD - 1994)

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