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The Hero (2013)

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The Hero
  1. I Am a Dove (6:36)
  2. Done in Two Parts (11:06)
  3. The Hero (6:06)
  4. Get a Load of That (4:49)
  5. LuckyNumber (6:51)
  6. Return to the Hills (3:58)

Album is available as a FREE download in the format of your choice as of April 29th, 2013!

ShaYne's most streamlined, accessible, consistent work yet. Every second of each track has been meticulously crafted using the latest software and technology. Moods include uplifting pop to ominous ambient to pure danceable Progressive House. The length is 39 minutes, signaling a return to the original album format of the LP. Prominently featured is the Q150 transistor ladder filter,'s faithful recreation of the original Moog filter!

This also happens to be ShaYne's "10th Anniversary" album since his debut album was released on the same date exactly 10 years before.

Equipment used:

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